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Interactive Flight Data

Search radiation data on almost one million flights

You've seen the daily Hot Flights summary table--now browse the entire database!


Every day we use our proprietary radiation model, E-RAD, to calculate doses on flights criss-crossing the USA. We monitor the 10 busiest routes, amounting to 1400 flights and more than 80,000 passengers a day. So far we've accumulated data on close to one million flights since we started in Oct. 2017.


You're invited to explore our database of dosages. Use the table below to select dates, order by dosages, and much more.


Play with the table and please send us feedback by filling out a brief poll below the table.

*Note: Table displays best on computer screens.

Interactive Flight Data

Help us better target our services by filling out this brief poll!

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Our research is 100% crowdfunded through fundraising for our spaceweather ballooning program, Earth to Sky Calculus.


Support Rads on a Plane by sponsoring a flight, sending up your own experiment, or buying a one-of-a-kind gift flown to the stratosphere.  

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